Bois Savanes In Town, this is 1001 Thai tastes in an elegant environment.

Our menu proposes the musts, but also more audacious meals “made in Bois Savanes In Town”.
We are cooking our meals “à la minute” and without artificial taste enhancers.

Bois Savanes In Town - Restaurant
Bois Savanes In Town - Restaurant

Open hours

Open from 12h to 14h and from 19h to 22h

Open every day and evening from Monday to Friday and Saturday evening.

Tél./Fax 02/2 230 34 46
Email :


Take away

Your events

Receptions, birthday parties, meetings or banquets, Bois Savanes In Town puts the complete restaurant (40 seating positions) at your disposal. We propose custom menus adapted to your event and budget. Bois Savanes In Town also comes to your place thanks to its catering service.


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Bois Savanes In Town - Restaurant

Free delivery from 15€


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